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CSR -Corporate Social Responsibility- This is a description of ATOM's initiatives with respect to CSR.

The essence of restaurant management is to have 'customers dine on delicious meals with confidence providing service that feels good' regardless of the era.
The creation of global food supply channels and IT developments have led to society having a greater interest in 'food safety'. Our responsibilities as a restaurant business have increased further.

At ATOM, we undertake batch control of ingredients and procure 'real ingredients from producers that we can meet face to face', dispatching ingredients to each store based on such thorough control. Our approach is to ensure meticulous attention is also paid in the onsite instructions given to food preparation staff to ensure thorough hygiene management of food products and food preparation. A restaurant is entrusted with the valuable lives of customers. Our approach is to incorporate care into unseen areas so that customers can savor our safe ingredients with confidence.

It is inevitable that environmental issues will become even more important in future. There will be no real improvement unless we can distance ourselves from the concept of individualism and the thinking that all is right as long as I am OK, and unless there is action to optimize the world as a whole.

Even in relation to 'environmental policies' that will be demanded of companies in future, we have a self-awareness at ATOM of being a concerned party, and believe it is important to set our own targets taking an approach to work steadily towards solving the issue.

Even if individual actions by themselves are only small such as taking an active approach to reducing the amount of trash produced at stores and reducing the loss of ingredients, we will do what we can now. By building up such measures we believe we can reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society.

ASP Images

ASP.Net for Food Ingredients

We are building a detailed data base of product information for all processed foods in collaboration with our suppliers. This will make it possible to search rapidly and accurately for such information as area of origin or processing site by merely inputting a keyword.

Hygiene Maintenance System Image

Hygiene Maintenance System

Besides conducting food inspections in accordance with our strict hygiene maintenance criteria, we have inaugurated external inspections of our stores by third parties to periodically check our hygiene conditions. By totally eliminating hygiene risks, we aim to build a hygiene maintenance system that is among the best in the restaurant industry.

Strengthening Food Inspection Capabilities Image

Strengthening Food Inspection Capabilities

We have installed food radioactivity measurement systems and foreign metallic substance detectors in the Kanagawa, Gifu, and Hokkaido central kitchens of the COLOWIDE MD Co., Ltd., Group. To further improve our inspection capabilities, we have also installed X-ray detectors in our Kanagawa and Tochigi central kitchens.

Vegetable Plant Image

Vegetable Plant (Research into and Marketing of Organic Vegetables)

We have started up Japan’s largest indoor hydroponic cultivation operation using LED lighting in the Kanagawa central kitchen of the COLOWIDE MD Co., Ltd., Group. Organically grown vegetables are being studied and grown in an environment of controlled temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and the like.

Traceability Image

Domestic Beef Specimen Inspection (Traceability)

We disclose domestic beef individual identification numbers and lot numbers in accordance with the Beef Traceability Act. The breeding background of beef cattle can be verified on the internet, so our customers can be reassured when they eat our beef.

Domestic Beef Individual Identification Number Search
The COLOWIDE Group’s Initiatives with Respect to Beef Traceability
Providing Our Customers with Delicious Domestic Beef That Is Safe and Reliable

In accordance with the Act for Special Measures regarding the Management and Dissemination of Information on the Individual Identification of Cattle (known as the Beef Traceability Act), which was enacted on Dec. 1, 2004, the COLOWIDE Group informs customers of the domestic beef identification number or lot numbers at each of its stores.

Customers may look up the entire breeding process, starting with the cattle’s breed to its area of origin and growth stages, by going to the Website below and inputting the numbers posted at our stores.

LED Image

Electricity Saving

As our contribution toward reducing demand for electricity, we have changed all stores’ client seating lighting and some external lighting to LED. In addition, we have changed from the electrical griddles that we used for cooking to jet ovens using gas. Furthermore, we will promote initiatives to conserve electricity by storing appropriate volumes in our refrigerators.

Barrier-free Image


We continue to make strides in designing our stores, such as eliminating steps and installing slopes in newly opened stores, for greater customer convenience and satisfaction.

Smoking area Image

Smoking and Nonsmoking Areas

To comply with the passive smoking prevention ordinance, we properly take measures for separating smoking and non-smoking area in accordance with the situation of each restaurant and business type.

Activities to Prevent Alcohol Consumption by Minors and Drunk Driving Image

Activities to Prevent Alcohol Consumption by Minors and Drunk Driving

We require customers patronizing our stores to provide identification with proof of age or written consent. In our stores, we display posters and stickers warning about alcohol consumption by minors. With respect to drunk driving, we have posters on display and we take such appropriate measures as arranging for taxis and other alternative transportation.

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